Sunday, March 18, 2007

Proof the left is insane

Bret Stephens wrote in OpinionJournal Since coming to office nearly seven years ago, Mr. Livingstone has become a symbol of the marriage of the European left and the Islamist right..... More mysterious, however, at least as a matter of ideology, has been the dalliance of the progressive left with the (Islamic) political right. Self-styled progressives, after all, have spent the past four decades championing the very freedoms that Islam most opposes: sexual and reproductive freedoms, gay rights, freedom from religion, pornography and various forms of artistic transgression, pacifism and so on. For those who hold this form of politics dear, any long-term alliance with Islamic politics ultimately becomes an ideological, if not a political, suicide pact.

Precisely. The same is true for the Democrats in this country. They are so mad at Bush that they ignore the much greater risk that Radical Islam proposes, and if Islam prevails, Conservative Christains will certainly be hurt, because they will have to live as Dhimmis under Islam and pay a steep tax, but the Secular Progressives will be in far worse shape. They support Gay Marriage, while Muslims not only will not let gays marry, they kill them, by beheading, hanging, throwing off buildings, or other ways. Dems support abortion on demand, while Muslims stone or give 100 lashes to people for having sex outside of marriage.
One cannot, after all, champion the cause of universal liberation in alliance with a movement that at its core stands for submission.... But the stakes today are different. At question for Europeans is not the prevailing view of a distant country. The question is the shaping of their own. Europe's liberal democrats were able, sometimes with outside help, to preserve their values in the face of an outside threat. Whether they can resist the temptations of Islamosocialism remains to be seen.

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