Thursday, January 25, 2007

Baby-stabber refuses to grant wife sharia divorce

The Gazette reported A man who stabbed his wife seven times, then knifed their infant daughter, told a Quebec Court hearing yesterday he regretted the assaults and blamed his actions on a drug problem. The man, whose name cannot be published to protect his child's identity, attacked his wife last February in their Snowdon apartment before stabbing the 15-month-old girl in the stomach. The man pleaded guilty in December to two counts of aggravated assault, rather than stand trial for attempted murder.

It certainly sounds like the wife has a good reason for wanting a divorce.
The couple are Muslim. His wife wants to return with her daughter to her family in her native Lebanon, but is reluctant to do so unless her husband grants her a sharia divorce, conducted by an imam. The man testified yesterday he has no intention of granting his wife a divorce in Canada under sharia law.
Since when is Canada under Sharia Law. This this happen in the middle of the night, and is this the first we are hearing about it?
"The issue of the divorce will be decided over there," he told Judge Martin Vauclair. Without such a divorce, the woman says, she fears she could be forced to live with her husband in Lebanon when he returns, or be arrested for abducting her daughter if she takes the girls there without her spouse.
Why on earth would she want to go back to Lebanon? She may have family there, but does she not read the papers, or listen to the news. They are close to a civil war in Lebanon, as Hizbullah presses the elected government to fail, so they will have more power.

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