Monday, January 01, 2007

Amid Political Upheaval, Israeli Economy Stays Healthy


For Israel, it has been a typically tumultuous year: Ariel Sharon, then the prime minister, collapsed into a coma on Jan. 4, the radical Islamic group Hamas won Palestinian elections later that month, and Israel fought a monthlong war in Lebanon this summer. Palestinians waited recently to receive part of their salaries in Hebron. The Palestinian economy has been ravaged over the past several years.
They spend all of their money buying rockets, rather than trying to build a peaceful economy.
But despite the political turmoil and spasms of violence, Israel, it seems, has figured out how to keep its economy charging forward
They make things, and export them, rather than making war and exporting terrorists.
.... While the Israeli economy has been thriving, the Palestinian economy has moved in the opposite direction, contracting by an estimated 10 to 15 percent this year, according to the Palestine Monetary Authority.
They just want to live on handouts from Europe and the US, and we won't send them money until they get Hamas to say they are willing to live in peace with Israel as its neighbor. Pigs will learn to fly first, which should be interesting, since neither Jews or Muslims can eat pork.

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