Monday, December 18, 2006

Hardliners defeated in Iran's twin elections

Times Online reported Iranians have dealt a blow to President Ahmadinejad’s hardline Government, by thwarting his allies in municipal and clerical elections.

This may be true, but I also note Iranian students hide in fear for lives after venting fury at Ahmadinejad
According to early results, Mr Ahmadinejad’s fundamentalist mentor who espouses cultural isolation from the West, was trailing sixth in the Tehran vote for the Assembly of Experts, Iran’s all-powerful clerical council. Reformists were also expected to seize a handful of seats on Tehran city council, signalling a comeback after three electoral defeats in the past three years. While Friday’s twin elections may not have a direct impact on policy, the West will welcome any indication that Mr Ahmadinejad’s popularity is waning. It was the first nationwide vote since the populist swept to power 16 months ago.

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