Friday, December 15, 2006

Hamas: Abbas declared war on Allah

Ynetnews reported Chairman of the Hamas faction in parliament Khalil al-Haya, told a crowd of tens of thousands at a Hamas rally in Gaza Friday that "(Palestinian President Mahmoud) Abbas has declared war on Allah and on the will of the Palestinian people."

That is the problem with many Arabs. Since they pretend to worship Allah, they think that anything they don't like is an attack on Allah. Even if what Abbas did was something Allah did not like, don't you think Allah is powerful enough to take care of the matter Himself?
"We warn before it's too late that we shall strike with an iron fist all those involved in hurting our leaders and members, and those responsible for the attempt to assassinate the prime minister," he added. Al-Haya accused the members of the Presidential Guard of launching the attack against Haniyeh, and referred to Abbas' anticipated speech Saturday: "We will fight with force for the voter's choice against those who want to bring about a coup." Abbas' speech has caused much turmoil in the PA, as the president is expected to announce the dismissal of the government, and holding a referendum or early elections. During the rally, Hamas speakers said that any proposal promoted by Abbas will be met with opposition.
Democracy, Arab style. Hamas never wanted to win control in the last election, because they knew they did not know how to govern, and they have proved that. They just wanted enough power to be able to influence things. Well now you have a chance. Let him call new elections, and maybe you won't win, and then maybe the Europeans will again start pouring money into Gaza. Or maybe you will figure out that if you agree to make peace with Israel the money will start pouring in again, and you can steal it rather than Fatah stealing it.

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