Thursday, August 10, 2006

Scott Ritter again shows he is an a$$

The Grave Consequences of Supporting War in Lebanon claims With Israel waging an all-out war against the forces of Hezbollah, and the death toll in terms of civilian casualties mounting on a daily basis, the question of a diplomatic resolution to the crisis takes on an urgency that is being felt around the world.

Exactly what sort of a diplomatic resolution do you suggest with an opponent whose objective is to see you completely destroyed? Should Israel agree that half of its citizens will die, if Hezbollah agrees to let the other half live????
.... The draft Security Council resolution co-sponsored between the United States and France is but a tragic farce, a smoke screen designed to unilaterally protect Israeli interests at the expense of all others that is so transparent no Arab nation takes it seriously (it has been rejected outright by Lebanon, Syria and Hezbollah).
The thing they object to is waiting until another strong military force is in place to prevent Hezbollah from again taking over their fortifications, and rearming, so they can kill more Jews.
There are several reasons for this apparent lack of concern on the part of the primary belligerent (Israel) and its No. 1 underwriter (the United States). First and foremost is the fact that the ongoing violence being waged against Hezbollah is not, contrary to popular opinion, a knee-jerk reaction to the attack against Israel by Hezbollah that resulted in several dead Israeli soldiers and two taken prisoner. It is rather part and parcel of a long-planned strike designed not only to neutralize Hezbollah, but also its largest international supporters, namely Syria and Iran.
Admirable goals.
As such, Israel (and by extension, the United States) has certain predesignated goals and objectives that need to be reached, and no cease-fire will be willingly undertaken until they are. These include the military destruction of Hezbollah and its political isolation, along with its major supporter Iran.
And before Iran gets nuclear weapons, which they would use immediately, and while they might destroy Israel, Israel's retaliation would destroy Iran and probably several other Middle East countries. And then where will the world get it's petroleum fix.
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.... This does not mean that America's support of Israel's legitimate security concerns is bad policy; just the opposite. Supporting Israel's right to exist, and its right to defend itself against those who wish to do it harm, is the soundest possible policy a democracy such as America could embrace.
Just don't let them kill people that want to kill them.
But as a nation built on the belief that all humans are created equal, and that oppression of one party by another represents a tyranny that must be opposed, it is high time that the United States learn to differentiate between what constitutes legitimate Israeli security concerns, and what constitutes regional hegemony, tyranny and oppression.
Ritter is an idiot.
.... When evaluating the Israeli position on Hezbollah, we should never forget that it was Hezbollah, alone among the forces in the Arab world, that defeated Israel, compelling the Israeli Defense Force to withdraw from southern Lebanon in May 2000 after a disastrous 18-year occupation.
israel did not have claims on Lebanon land; it invaded because Lebanon was allowing the PLO to attack it from Southern Lebanon, just like Hezbollah is doing now.
Israel claims the moral high ground in this current round of conflict, citing the July 12 attack by Hezbollah on an Israeli Army patrol that left eight IDF soldiers dead and two captured. The disproportionality of response aside (Hezbollah fires hundreds of rockets into Israel, and gets thousands of artillery shells and aerial bombs in return; Israel's civilian casualties run in the scores, Lebanon's in the hundreds), Israel's claim as the aggrieved party simply does not withstand the test of history and fact.
What is this foolishness about "Proportionality". Was the US being "proportional" when after Al Qaeda killed 3,000 on September 11, 2001, it not only killed a lot of Al Qaeda, but removed the Taliban from control in Afganistan and created a Democracy?
.... Hezbollah is not an international organization, but one distinctly Lebanese.
Then why did it attack the Jewish center in Argentina in 1994.
Its function has been to liberate Lebanon from Israeli aggression. To call Hezbollah a terrorist organization is not only a misuse of terminology, but also symptomatic of the larger problem that plagues both Israel and the United States when it comes to dealing with the Middle East as a whole.
Should we call them a charitable organization that fires rockets into another country, to kill its citizens, and does so from residential areas, so that Lebanese citizens will be killed by retaliation attacks?
Israel and the United States have become trapped by the lexicon born of the so-called "Global War on Terror." These two nations have collectively painted in their mind's eye a world of distinct black and white, or good and evil.
Which is exactly what it is.
In doing so, the reality that is the Middle East goes unrecognized, and as such, no viable solution can be found. If Hezbollah were a genuine non-state terror group, one could make an argument that direct military confrontation designed to isolate and destroy that group was viable. But Hezbollah is not a non-state player, but rather a legitimate expression of the legitimate desires of a not-insignificant percentage of the people of Lebanon.
So when it kills Jews, it is representing the wishes of Lebanon? If so then Israel should stop attacking just Hezbollah sites but all of Lebanon.
Hezbollah is decidedly anti-Israel, as only a group born from the oppression of Israeli occupation of their homeland could be. This has led to fiery rhetoric on the part of Hezbollah and its supporters, which has been exploited by Israel and the United States to paint Hezbollah as an organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hezbollah has stated that its goals are the removal of all Israeli forces from Lebanon,
They left in 2000
the Golan Heights and the return of Palestinian refugees to Palestine.
What do you define as Palestine? All of the land, or a two state solution? Israel was willing to consider giving back the Golan Heights if Syria wanted peace, and they offerred Arafat almost all of the 1967 land in exchange for peace, and he rejected the offer.
Hezbollah also continues to demand the release of Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails, some of whom have been imprisoned for nearly 20 years.
And who were imprisoned for killing Jews.
It was the prisoner issue that led to the most recent outbreak of violence between Israel and Hezbollah. Following Israel's retreat from southern Lebanon in May 2000, hundreds of Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners were still held by Israel, which refused to release them. In October 2000, Hezbollah fighters disguised as U.N. soldiers captured three Israeli soldiers, as well as an Israeli reserve officer who was in Beirut on private business. Hassan Nasrullah declared that Hezbollah would exchange the Israelis for the Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners held by Israel. In a deal brokered by the German government, Israel agreed to release 430 prisoners in exchange for the bodies of the three captured Israeli soldiers (they had been killed shortly after their capture) and the Israeli reservist.
So they got 430 prisoners, but not the three they wanted. Maybe if they had not killed the captured soldiers, Israel would have considered giving them what they wanted.
However, Hezbollah claims that Israel had agreed to release three specific prisoners -- Samir Kuntar (captured in a raid on an Israeli settlement in which four Israelis died, including a 4-year-old girl), Yahye Skaff (captured in 1978 after an attack on Israel by Fatah guerillas left 35 Israelis dead and over 100 wounded) and Nissim Mousa N'isr (an Israeli-Arab accused of spying on behalf of Hezbollah). Israeli Ariel Sharon apparently reneged on the deal at the last second, prompting Hassan Nasrullah to declare that Hezbollah retained the right to capture Israeli soldiers at any time in order to secure the release of these three prisoners. The July 12 attack by Hezbollah was nothing more than Nasrullah keeping his word.
And the Israeli response is their way of saying they reject Nasrullah's right to capture Israeli soldiers at any time he wants.
Contrary to popular opinion, Hezbollah is not an "international terrorist organization." It has not been linked to any acts of terror outside the borders of Lebanon (the current shelling of Israel notwithstanding, Hezbollah claims these are legitimate military actions in response to Israeli "aggression").
What about Argentina? And what about bombing the barracks and killing US Soldiers there to help keep the peace?
.... The Lebanese government itself recognizes the unique character of Hezbollah, rejecting any notion that it is an illegitimate militia, but rather a legitimate national resistance movement that will continue to exist until Israel stops meddling in Lebanese affairs.
And if the Lebanese government allows it to keep its arms, and attack Israel whenever it wants, then it becomes responsible for those attacks.
The United States and Israel continue to quote U.N. Security Council resolution 1559, which calls for the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Lebanon, as well as the disarming of Lebanese militias. However, resolution 1559 does not mention Hezbollah by name, and the Lebanese government itself refuses to categorize Hezbollah as an illegal militia, but rather as a legitimate defender of Lebanese interests.
Would the Lebanese government mind if its other political parties wanted their own militias, so that they could also "defend Lebanese interests"


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You had a lot more to say than me (what is new haha). The man is a moron & it is obvious he is against anything US or Israel & pro-everything else. The man is a danger to the world & hopefully he is on a terrorist watch list!

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Good point about the terrorist watch list