Monday, August 28, 2006

Nasrallah did not expect war

Ynetnews reported In an interview granted to Lebanese news network New TV, Nasrallah said in an almost apologetic tone that "we did not believe, even by one percent, that the captive operation would result in such a wide-scale war, as such a war did not take place in the history of wars. Had we known that the captive operation would result in such a war we would not have carried it out at all."

We thought we could kidnap and kill Jews just for fun. We did not realize they would get ticked off about it. We saw how they responded when Palestinians in Gaza killed two and kidnapped one soldier, and fired rockets into Israel, but we did not think they would do it to us, even though we killed 8 and kidnapped two soldiers, and fired a lot more rockets.
"The open war with Israel ended on August 14, but Israel is continuing its acts of provocations to drag us into the confrontation," said Nasrallah. "If we respond to the provocations we'll be considered the party that violated the international agreement,
You bet your bippie you would.
something which might cause a meeting around a second decision, which president Bush is working for and which is tied to the disarmament of Hizbullah. We have been restrained and we will not be provoked, especially as Resolution 1701 gives Israel the right to defend itself – something we opposed."
Yes, we think we should be able to kill Jews without them defending themselves. It is the Arab way.
"There won't be public displays of weapons in the south , except of in cases of preparations or funerals of martyrs," stressed Nasrallah.
Then let us hope there will be plenty of funerals of martyrs, because Lebanon needs to disarm you if it expects to control its own country.
"This is our policy – to refrain from displaying weapons. If the Lebanese army notices any gunman – it is it's natural right to expropriate the weapons," said Nasrallah.
Glad you recognize that point.
Nasrallah's comments match Israeli beliefs that Hizbullah's political stance has been harmed following the war.
Really? Are people starting to look at the devestation and realize who started it?

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