Monday, March 06, 2006

Moonbats Lose

Michelle Malkin blogged Good news just in via Breitbart/Reuters:
A unanimous U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Monday that universities that get federal funds must allow military recruiters on campus, even if their law schools oppose the Pentagon's policy prohibiting openly gays and lesbians from serving. The high court upheld as constitutional a federal law dating back to 1994 that allows the government to withhold money from universities that deny military recruiters the same access to campuses given to other employers.
Via How Appealing: "Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. delivered the opinion of the Court. You can access the syllabus here; the Chief Justice's opinion here; and the oral argument transcript here."

Reader Paula D. writes:
The Chief Justice shows some brilliant and biting wit, shredding the argument of the law schools in this excerpt from the opinion: "…Nothing about recruiting suggests that law schools agree with any speech by recruiters, and nothing in the Solomon Amendment restricts what the law schools may say about the military’s policies. We have held that high school students can appreciate the difference between speech a school sponsors and speech the school permits because legally required to do so, pursuant to an equal access policy… …Surely students have not lost that ability by the time they get to law school."

I bet it really chaps the left wing law schools that the decision was unanimous.


Anonymous said...

please remind your readers which field of battle you served so valiantly in to permit such an informed and reasoned argument?

Don Singleton said...

What does a field of battle have to do with law schools expecting to have federal money continue even though they refuse to follow the conditions required by law to receive that money.

I don't have to have military experience to respect the military's desire to recruit on an equal basis with all other potential employeers.