Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dell to Double India Work Force

NYT reports Dell, the world's largest maker of personal computers, plans to double the size of its work force in India, to 20,000, and is looking for a site for its manufacturing unit in the country, the company's chairman, Michael S. Dell, said on Monday.

What is wrong with Austin, Texas, where you got started?
"There is a fantastic opportunity to attract talent," Mr. Dell said, referring to the country's workers, many of whom are educated in technological fields and speak English.
They don't speak English that well.
"We will ensure a major recruitment push in engineering talents," he said at a news conference during a visit to Bangalore, India's outsourcing capital.

Dell has four call centers in India, where the bulk of its 10,000 employees work, as well as software development and product testing centers.
And if you have ever called one of those call centers asking for help, you will know why I did not buy my new computer from Dell (even though I my previous machine was a Dell)

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