Monday, February 13, 2006

Governor Nobody sneaks up on Hillary

Sunday Times reported Hillary Clinton would make an excellent president, according to Meg Hirschberg, whose husband runs a hugely successful organic yoghurt company in New Hampshire: “She’s amazing and brilliant and smart and lovely.”
There must be two Hillary Clintons.
So that’s a vote for Clinton in 2008, then? Not at all. Hirschberg is thinking of backing Mark Warner, the former governor of Virginia, a likable, low-key, moderate Democrat who won a traditionally Republican state and, by all accounts, ran it competently. At this stage, it is enough of a recommendation.
Actually the American Public much prefers to see former Governors or former Vice Presidents in the White House than it does former Senators, because they have demonstrated the ability to run an Executive Branch. JFK was the last Senator elected President. All 100 senators think they know enough to run the country, but the voters do not agree.
“I don’t know a thing about him and I don’t care,” Hirschberg said last week as Warner listened to her husband explaining the finer points of organic farming. “I just want somebody with decent values who can win. It’s nothing to do with Hillary personally. It’s irrational and unfair, but she is polarising.”

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